Head Sorority Sex Lessons Part 2 Most watched porn tube

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Most won't admit it. 5 years ago
But a lot of guys, like myself, have jerked off while fuckin with our assholes. That's where the male G-spot is. It just feels nice. You'll never hear that from us in person, but it's the truth. And no. I can't see men sexually attractive. Never will. But if a woman ever decided she wants to do the fuckin? I'll let her. Gives me a break.
the same girl 5 years ago
I wish my guy would let me fuck him.
White Mike 5 years ago
I just don't see the thrill of getting FUCKED in the ass by anyone. I guess with men it's all about sex, but with women I think it has more to do sexual power over men.
Steph 5 years ago
Im super horny she can be as rough as she wants.
Kody 5 years ago
He must be a member of Antifa.
Erick 5 years ago
Want a girl like that I'll bend over for her anytime damn mmmmmmm kk punisher.o
Man ass 5 years ago
Yeah fuck that ass
Pillow Pumper 5 years ago
I am next, fuck my ass but don't knee me in the balls
Please 5 years ago
Damn. I wish I had a cute boy to peg
jake 8 years ago
She can fuck me anytime